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Artprojects for school

Artprojects for school

We have made several small and larger artprojects for schools.

If you have an idea and need an inspiring hand, please donot hesitate to contact us.

The lastest large project we have done is: The Dream a Pioniersproject.

With this school project we have made schoolgardens in a highly poluted area for 220 children.

With this project we have won the National Education Award 2014 for Noord-Holland.




Dance for fun - photoshoot for Cliniclowns.



Any project will be taken under consideration. Also smaller ones like:



Cow Parade

is a project where children themselves can paint a cow and in this way show their abstract view on a cow. All cows are grouped together (the original drawing, of course, will be given back to the children).  Then all cows will be printed on canvas and be placed as a wonderfull painting in the school.

This project can be done with other themes too.


Stories become paintings - Exposition possible!

The word says it all. 

Stories are told from a booklet.

Then children themselves indulge their imagination on a canvas in response to that short story.

The canvas is 30 x 30 cms. 

All the paintings have a number of things in common. 

All paintings will be exhibited in an area where large walls are available.

Project is suitable for children age 4-12 years.