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All Apps from mr. Crab are under construction. We will keep you informed.

 Mr. Crab has  become an App....

English:  Mr. Crabs Adventures.

German: Abenteuer von Krabbie Krab

Dutch: Krabbie Krab Avonturen

The App will be available in 3 different languages: Dutch, German and English        




-  5 animal stories 

-  Games:  Memory  and  5  Puzzles

-  Colouringplates (can be printed)

-  1 movie inwhich the story of Mr. Crab is told

- One extra game (for free) if you are willing to leave a review.

All this for Euro 4,49


Have fun with this playfull and educational App.

Would you like to read one of the stories?


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